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Fangchuan Scenic Area

Hunchun Fangchuan Scenic Area lies in the south of Hunchun City ofYanbian in Jilin Province, 75 km away from the urban area. The scenic area islocated at the junction of China, North Korea and Russia, with an area of 20square kilometers. Based on hills and overlooking the river, the scenic area iswell known for its unique "Three counties in sight", and naturallakes, forests, rare plants and birds, with a saying "rooster crow and dogbark can be heard in three countries". Fangchuan Scenic Area is the heartof the national forest park and the far eastern leopard protected area. FangchuanNational Scenic Area is rich in natural and cultural tourism resources, includingnatural landscapes such as sparkly desert oases surrounded by clean river and 135million year old Tumen River Red Lotus, and cultural landscapes such as the “Tuzipai”boundary monument erected in Qing Dynasty between China and Russia,Japan-Soviet Zhanggu Hill Battle Sites and Fangchuan Korean Folk Village.Beautiful scenery and rich history and culture all add to the charm ofFangchuan Scenic Area.